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HTTP response codes returned for API calls

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200 – OK
Regular call, handled correctly.

206 – Partial Content
Your call was handled correctly but some of the data requested is missing. Probable reason for this is the token used for the call has limited access and has been refused to obtain all the data requested.

400 – Bad Request
Unable to process your call as the request has formal errors. This may be due to invalid JSON posted with the request, the server could not understand your request etc. You may find further info in the e 'error' or 'errors' field of the JSON response. However it is not guaranteed there is a JSON response as this depends on the character of the error.

401 – Unauthorized
Your call has been made without valid authorization token.

403 – Forbidden
Your token is not authorized to perform the action you requested. Your website's service plan is missing the API feature.

404 – Not Found
Specific entity you have requested does not exist.

412 – Precondition Failed
Call to the API is missing privileged access token (integration partner's token) or the token provided is invalid.

429 – Rate Exceeded
The complexity and frequency of your calls exceeded the allowed limit for given timeframe. Try again later. See [link:RATES&QUOTAS].

509 – Quota Exceeded
The complexity and amount of calls exceeded the allowed quota for given day or month for your token or for all tokens used by the website. See [link:RATES&QUOTAS]

Further standard HTTP responses may occur:

Redirects (301, 302, 307, 308)
System requires a different location for your calls (please change the resource location/HTTP protocol in your requests); the website does not exist anymore etc.

Server errors

500 – Internal Server Error
Regular server error probably due to data-specific problem or faulty codebase. Please contact our support.

501 – Maintenance
Please try again later. We recommend to use the „Retry-after" response header.

502 – No Gateway
Severe technical error on our side. We are definitely already investigating the issue and there is no reason to contact us. Please wait until the issue is resolved and desist your API calls if possible. Further technical errors or system unstability may occur even after apparent resolution of the issue.

503 – Temporary Server Error
Technical error on our side. Issue should be resolved within minutes.

504 – Gateway Timeout
Severe technical error on our side. See code 502.

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