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Frequently asked questions for May ♥

On May 1st, couples gather at the statue of Karel Hynek Mácha, the Czech Romantic "poet of love", in Prague's Petřín Park where they lay flowers and spend a few moments. May is officially the Time of Love in our country. And we just love to share our knowledge with you guys. This month is special as we´ve introduced 2 new features you definitely do not use yet. Check out down bellow. Plus, of course, we have answered all your questions with a smile:)


Frequently asked questions for April

Wow. It was a busy month. For you too? Spring is definitely here. I am sure you are mostly outside of the house, playing around with family, garden or visiting friends. For you guys workaholics, we have a little help here. Come inside to get advice and read most frequently asked questions during April. Gift certificate for non-registered users, extra product price for wholesalers, export current number of units in a stock ...


Frequently asked questions for March

Wake up your website. Spring is here. And BizWebs is always ready to help. Don´t forget that Easter is coming. Be prepared! Find some hints and tips on how to boost your online sales inside...


Frequently asked questions for February

Hot news from BizWebs! New email marketing tool that your customers love- MailChimp. Find a quick manual how to connect your store with MailChimp. Some of you are about to launch your first e-commerce website- make sure everything is set up correctly. Start with free coaching- use Help Call support or video tutorials for free. What questions did you guys ask the most in February? Read more ...


Frequently asked questions for January

Hello BizWebs entrepreneur, top must-read questions we answered over the January are here. Find at least one idea that makes your work easier. Deleted pages, domain registration, SEO help and much more... Happily, sip your favorite coffee while reading our news. We do our best and all the hard work for you.


BizWebs´s new strategy: Retailers have access to all e-commerce features for free

BizWebs´s new strategy: Retailers have access to all e-commerce features for free Globally - November 21, 2016. BizWebs introducing revolution strategy. All small and mid-sized retailers have access to all e-commerce features completely free. BizWebs delivers superior customer experience. Merchants can now more easily work with modern templates, use online invoice software, enjoy mobile friendly pages. All in one webshop.


BizWebs Brings a New Payment Option to Small and Medium Sized Retailers

BizWebs Brings a New Payment Option to Small and Medium Sized Retailers BizWebs announced today the launch of new payment option of its successful low- cost website builder. The virtual money Bitcoin allows BizWebs’ s more than 4500 + merchants to improve their online stores in a variety of ways and save hundreds of dollars.


[Infographic] How to Avoid Losing Money With Your E-commerce Store

Do you know why is your online store losing money? Every small business is different. And there are many ways to improve your conversions rates. Don´t shoot yourself in the foot. While your e-commerce store may be successful, it´s likely there are still areas where you could save more money.


The Recipe for Success: Habits of Wealthy People

In 99% of cases, your achievements depend on the efforts made. Successful people have long developed habits that help them to be as much productive as possible. Recently, I’ve asked DesignContest professionals about things help them to achieve maximum success and be on the crest of a way for a long time. Please enjoy reading.


Why use Bitcoin for your online store business?

Why use Bitcoin for your online store business? The digital currency Bitcoin introduced to the world in 2008 is not just for techies and IT specialists. Mainstream media at times has also reported the cryptocurrency is used in anonymous activism and illicit activity. However, the virtual money Bitcoin is for everyone and is a great protocol to use for brick and mortar businesses and online companies. Bitcoin has a faster settlement time so merchants get paid immediately. Costs for using the digital currency is minuscule compared to the charges associated with credit or debit cards. I´m sure that most of you just wonder, why on earth should merchants and individuals use Bitcoin as a payment option? Nobody ever requested it and with a lack of information how it really works. The question is can Bitcoin be used for good?


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