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Location websites and online stores in unique cloud infrastructure. Cloud infrastructure can handle as a one-time impact as long-time load (eg. in time before Christmas).

That means:

1. A Higher speed of your websites.

2. High reliability. Cloud shouldn´t fell.

In a case of big traffic web hosting don't fell because Cloud adds capacity automatically. You are not waiting until the operator of your web hosting will instal new server or adds memory or does something manually. Capacity is adding automatically. Thanks to that the continuous operation should be assured.

Even the Cloud can failure but compared to a normal web hosting prevent of failures is at much higher level. 

 3. Servers parametres:

Web sites and online stores are hosted on performed servers with fast flash SDD disks.

4. Safe server monitoring 24/7.

Cloud webhosting


Websites speed

BizWebs cloud contains great features for optimization of website speed:

Gzip compression HTML, CSS and JS files. GZIP compression reduces transfer size of text files which are downloaded by the browser to show the web page. It supplies faster page loading. Simply saying: server pack in the files and send to the browser. The browser packs out the files and read them.

Memcached and Varnish cache - system of page caching directly to the RAM server. (cache - is random access memory (RAM)), that stores data. Saves a copy of the page, that a user visited. If next time he requests the same page, cache shows him a copy of the page. That is not loading directly from a web server and thus, reduce its burden. The result is acceleration loading. Memcached serves to speed - up the dynamic web app. Varnish - caching pictures and files or static content of the web site.



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