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Overview and Block features in BizWebs system

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The blocks are divided into three files (see the section "Pages" at the right top and click on "New Page"):

The most used (Text, Gallery, Form, News, Title, Guestbook, Directory, Content from)

Extended (Product from, Category Content, Redirect, HTML code, Sitemap, Faq, Polls, Dynamic banner

Widgets (Facebook, Google Maps, YouTube video, Twitter Box)

BizWebs packages contain these blocks:

1. BizWebs PREMIUM: every blocks and widgets

2. BizWebs BUSINESS: Text, Title, Directory, Photogallery, Forms, News, Guestbook, Content from, Product from, Redirect, HTML code, Sitemap, FAQ, Polls, Dynamic banner, Facebook, Twitter box, Google Map, You Tube video

3. BizWebs STARTER: Text, Title, Directory, HTML code, Facebook, Twitter box, Google Map, YouTube video

4. BizWebs FREE: Text, Title, Google Map, YouTube video

The most used:

  • text Text - is used for creating content of web page. 


text inserting

text editing (font modification - enlarge, reduce, color, highlighting, text alignment, bullets, numbered list) ,

inserting images into text,

inserting hyperlinks (possibility to create a text link, image link, insert the file on the web),

a source code of text editor

  • gallery Gallery - insert a photo gallery on a website


inserting images

create a title and alternative text for the picture (important for SEO)

change the order of pictures

customize the look of photo gallery - determine the number of pictures per page, number of columns per page, a size of images

  • form Form - a creation of the contact form, order from, ...


inserting different types of fields (short text, long text, check box, selection menu, email, header, date, file)

list of sent forms

option to send the completed form to your email

  • news News - tool for writing articles create your own blog


creating the article (includes text editor tools, title, setting a date, adding and displaying, insert annotations of the article)

alternative posts (links to articles with similar or continued content)

SEO - option of insert Title, Keywords, and description to each article. Comments to the articles (setting options: activation /deactivation, visible comments, allowed only for registered)

Setting up the look of blog (number of posts per page, activation / deactivation fields author, date, print page, Like/Share)

option to send notification of new comments to your email

  • polls Polls - the creation of polls, you can ask your customers one question in one poll. A maximum number of answers that respondents will have to choose is 10. The results of the poll will be shown both on a public page and also in your administration.


  • guestbook Guestbook - in guestbook are posts visible for everybody. It's a great tool for public communication with website visitors.


setting a number of posts per page

order of posts

request of customer's email - activation / deactivation

sending notices about new contribution to your email address

  • directory Directory - thanks to the directory you can insert links from web page to other subpages. Usage: clarification of website and online store, thickening page with keywords.


the option of creation text or image links

the setting of visual appearance - the number of columns with links and size of images

inserting tag Title for the link, Title and alternative text for the image

  • content from Content from - using a block Content from you can insert to the page any block from different page without copying or creating a new - identical blocks. You can use it in case that you need to display the same content on several pages.


  • product from Product from - using block Product from you can insert on the website any product from different categories. Suitable to create a Special goods offer, sell-pff, new products, etc.


choice of display -  in the main content column as a list, grid or table, in a side column - one column, simple list. 

  • category content Category content - you can show every product from chosen category. Use for placement of products from chosen category from the online store to the webpages (content of section Products to section Pages in administration).
  • redirect Redirect - the setting of redirect web page to another page inside your web or completely different URL address.
  • HTML code HTML code - use to insert  HTML codes. It is an alternative to inserting text by block Text - icon Source.
  • sitemap Sitemap - shows sitemap on the web.
  • FAQ FAQ - create a list of frequently occurring issues (eg. buyer sourcing, registration, delivery terms, reclaiming of goods) and replies to them.


categories of questions

option to insert a Title. Keywords and Description to each question

photo gallery to question

  • title Title - by inserting block Title get optimization for search engines for subpage Title H2 (what is important for SEO)



  • facebook Facebook - insert Facebook Like box on the page.


setting box design - width, height, light or dark version,
display options - posts, fans, header

  • google maps Google Maps - insert map from Google Maps to your page.


options to insert more points (places) on map

setting of map - size, map zoom, default type of map (map, satellite, hybrid, ground), setting the middle of map (by choosing some of picked points), choice of display control elements of map (type, zoom, scale, ...)

  • youtube YouTube video - inserting video from Youtube.comon your page.


setting video design (width, height, color)

automatic play

display control elements

  • twitter Twitter Box - insert Twitter box on page.

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