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Inserting video files from - widget You Tube video

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You can insert a video on website by 3 ways:

- using YouTube video block

- by help Text block

- inserting video code through block HTML code

At first, you have to upload or find the video on

You will need his ID, address or HTML code (depends on which way you choose).

Find this information under the video, click on "Share".

Video youtube

YouTube video block

  • In an administration of your web in section Pages open page where to want to add video.
  • In upper right side click on "New block".
  • In Widgets pick up the block "YouTube video".
  • Save.

New block

Insert ID or URL address of Video from

Example of URL address:

Example of video ID:

Share video

In settings of video you can edit:

  • the size of video: Width, Height
  • video look: Theme (color of control panel), Color progress bar (panel shows the time of video playing)
  • Player settings:

Autoplay (video starts immediately after opening your page)

Autohide controls (control panel on video hides after few seconds)

Show controls (shows control panel)

Show info (shows information)

Related videos 

YouTube video

Block Text

Open or create text editor (Block text) where you want to insert a video.

Click on icon Insert/edit product video YouTube.

Insert ID or URL address of video from (ID address get by clicking on Share on, see above pictures).

You can change the look and settings equally as in block YouTube (see above).


This video you can edit by marking him with a cursor (same as when marking text) just click next to the video and drag the cursor beyond. Icon Insert/edit video will be orange.

Edit video

Click on the icon video and you can edit.

If the icon isn't orange it serves on inserting a new video.

By this way, you can insert video to the text everywhere where text editor features are used - in News, block FAQ and in Products.

Inserting video through source code

1. On find the video you want to insert on pages.

2. Click on "Share" icon under the video.

3. Click on "Embed" icon.

insert video

4. Mark "Use old embed code".

5. In the administration of your page pick up that one where you want to insert a video.

6. Add new block HTML code html code. Copy code from YouTube and insert him into this block.

7. Save


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