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1. In a tree structure of your pages and subpages choose the page where you want to insert text. 

2. Click on new block ikona and choose "Text":

3. Pick up the placement of Text block by clicking on Box - choose where you want to insert the Text block. More about block placement.

4. Save save ikona.

new block

How to edit / insert text on web page?

On subpage click on that text block you want to edit/insert text.

edit text

  • Fill in Subtitle in text editor, by that you get a title on level H2, what is important from SEO (search engine optimization) point of view. Subtitle dispalys in different size and font against the rest of text.
  • To the main field of text editor write The main text. Text can be moved from other - external source (e.g.: from Microsoft Word) but his formating will be lost during transmission. You have to edit again the formating in the Text editor with features in toolbar.
  • Always save your new or edited text by click on Save button. Contrariwise, if you make changes from the last save and don't want to save them, just click on Cancel.

Features in toolbar:

You can pick up bold, italics or different colors of type. Mark the text by cursor and after clicking on icon you get:

Bold Bold type

Italics Italics

Color type Text color - you can choose color of your text

Format of text change size and format of type

You can specifies the alignment of text. Mark the text by cursor and after clicking on icon you get:

Alignment on left Left alignment

Center alignment Center alignment

Block alignment Block alignment

Right alignment Right alignment

Into the text is possible to insert image, hyperlink or clear text ( not formated text) after clicking on these icons:

table Insert/Edit Table

Anchor Insert/Edit Anchor

Image Insert/Edit Image

Link Insert/Edit Link

you tube Insert/Edit Video from You Tube

text editor Insert/ Edit from MS Word (not formated text)

You can use specific text editing when writing lists for the appointment or more items of text. Create a new line by pressing Enter and then click on the icon:

numbered list Insert/Edit Numbered list

How to use it:

  1. first point
  2. second point
  3. third point

- clicking on arrow next to the icon for numbered list it displays offer of various types of lists (Default, Lower Alpha, Lower Greek,...)

text format

Bulleted list Insert/Edit Bulleted list if you want bullets before a lines.

  • fisrt point
  • second point
  • third point

- clicking on arrow next to the icon for bulleted list it displays offer of various types of bullets (Default, Circle, Disc,...)

bulleted list

If you no longer wish to use numbered or bulleted list, when you press Enter, click again on the mentioned icons and specific edit of text will be canceled in a new line. Or click over bulleted / numbered list.

Icon html (HTML source) serves for switchover to HTML formated code and to his manual editing. Please use this only if you have experiences with HTML coding. Attention! This feature isn't assigned for common user!

Blurb Block settings

In this blurb you can set layout of text, size and location of image considering the text.

edit text

  • choose layout
  • scale of image
  • scale of image in new window (if opening of image in new window is allowed)
  • if you want the same Text editor to copy or move to another subpage, click on Location - Move / Copy block to ... and select the required subpage
  • is possible to set Text editor also as Global block - will be displayed in all pages
  • also you can set his position in the box


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