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How can I move block into different column of web page?

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Have you created a block and need to move him into a different column?

We show it on example:

Look on block Polls. When we created him, we have specified the location of the Content (the main content column) but then we thought it would be better to fit it in the left side column (Left). How to change its location?

1. Model situation: In left side column we have created block - Text editor. In this case is necessary just take Polls box (click on the box of the block and don't push off a cursor) and move a cursor into the final section Left (this section shows in administration because we have one block created already) and here let the block go. If you do it correctly, on a place where you want to remove a block appears this icon:block



2. model situation: In column Left (left content column) and we don't have created other box (or only is hidden in administration). Again we take with cursor the block Polls and let it go in some free place. 

move 2

The icon appears:icon block Automatically appears a window Choose box for block:

choose block

Hereafter clicking on the arrow you can choose where you want to insert a block. We picked up box Left. Click on button Move. In administration appears new box (Left) with a block Polls, which we had moved here. 

Another way of moving block to another column:

  • Click on the block you want to move.
  • Open blurb Block settings.
  • Click on button Location: Move/Copy block to...
  • Destination leaves default (Use only if you want move block into another subpage).
  • In line Box choose column where you want to remove the block.
  • Click on Move.

edit block


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