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Shipping of goods, transport price

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Price for shipping set in section Settings / Orders / Shippings. The method of shipping customer choose when filling order form.

new shipping

Except default possibilities you can make a new ones.

  • Click on New shipping.
  • Fill in necessary datas (mainly title and price without VAT) and save.
  • Options of shipping of goods you can set by clicking on icon of pencil or on name of shipping (e.g.: Courier, Personally, ...)

Price of delivery will be added to price of order after filling order form and submitting of order.


Set price without VAT.

The final price of shipping through US Post will be $5 + VAT.

The same applies when you enter price range where will be an option of delivery displayed.


new shipping form

Option od shipping by Courier appears in this case, if a price of order will be between $100 + VAT and $1 000 000 + VAT.

How to assign a payment to the exact type of shipping?

Specific way of shipping you can set in this way: when customer mark some type of shipping - followly appears only those payments, which you have added to this shipping.

type of delivery

attention Attention: If add payment to one specific type of shipping, it will not be valid for other types of transport. E.g. payment "bank transfer" is added to shipping "Courier". It means thet this payment will not be active for other types of shipping (e.g.: personally, US Post, ...)

Solution: Is necesarry to add payments to each shipping types. Tying of shipping and payment is mutual. Once you define a payment to one type of shipping - you have to define also for others.


In line Assign to payment choose required payment. In the list of payments display options of payment which you have created in Setting/Orders/Payments.


For example, shipping by Courier will be available to customer who in order picks up bank transfer payment.

Method of transport for a particular country

In case you do business in multiple countries and need to adjust the price for transport, set it in the section Settings/ Orders / Shippings:

new shipping

Thanks to that you can set different prices to different countries.

Possibility to set a country in type of shipping displays in order. When a customer pick up an exact country, displays a price for shipping for that country, as you have set.

invoice country

This possibility have to turn on our programmer in database. In this case, please contact us

Later will be added an item in administration settings.

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