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How to work with e-mails?

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How to Add / Edit e-mail box:

Go to section Settings / E-mails / Accounts.

Click rightwards on top on icon New account 

new email account

Into E-mail address place the email address you would like to use on your domain (not possible to change it additionally). As Forward messages use an email account you already use a different name (e.g. email account would be one that you create for free use Gmail). Opens a form where to fill in your data:

add email account


Setting of senders and receivers of notification messages


In this part, you can set Senders of some kind of notification messages. There are: Order processing, After registration, Newsletter, Invoice and All other messages.

  • Go to section Settings / E-mails / Senders

Setting of e-mails - senders

  • Choose the message where you want to change sender's e-mail.
  • Fill in the e-mail address and sender name and save.
  • In a message, your customer will receive shows this name and e-mail you filled in.


  • In this section set e-mail boxes where your notification messages will be sent. You can choose from Order summary, Registration validation, Comment validation, New comment.
  • Go to section Setting / E-mails / Receivers

Setting of e-mail receivers

  • Create New receiver with an icon  new receiver (upper rightwards).
  • Fill in an e-mail address, where will be the messages sent.
  • Choose which messages will be sent (can be all of them).
  • Save

receiver of notification messages

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