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Sending news by e-mail is part of package PREMIUM. Features for creation, edition and sending of Newsletter you can find in section Clients / Newsletter.

  • Create new newsletter by clicking on icon New newsletter new newsletter
  • Fill in Subject of newsletter and body, where you can insert text, hyperlinks, images,...
  • Instructions about work with text and images are here: Inserting and editing of text, Inserting of images, How to insert hyperlinks.
  • Save

You can change it later

  • Click on Subject of newsletter or icon of a pencil.
  • It shows a window Edit newsletter. Here you can edit more settings (group mailing list, company mailing list, view mailing list, settings, history).

edit newsletter


  • In tab, Group mailing list display all groups of users created by you. By clicking at one or more groups will be newsletter send to each person or companies in the selected groups.
  • After doubleclick on yellow icon of file it shows you all clients integrated in selected group. You can select to whom should be your newsletter send.
  • Save.
  • Principe like this works for other sections - Company mailing list, View mailing list.

 edit newsletter


  • Settings tab is used to specify the date and time of departure newsletter and last part - History provides an overview of the history of sending news by e-mail.

How to set receive of newsletters?

  • Go to Design / Components.
  • Mark Newsletter subscription.
  • Save.

In left or right column of your page will be displayed this block:



When a customer inserts his/her e-mail and clicks Subscribe, he becomes a newsletter subscriber. In window Edit newsletter - tab Group mailing list mark Non-registered newsletter subscribers.

The list of e-mails of non-registered subscribers is in Clients / Newsletter / Unregistered subscribers.

newsletter settings


Who is a sender of the newsletter?

E-mail and name of newsletter sender set in Settings / E-mails / Senders. Click on "Newsletter" and insert e-mail and name of the sender. 


How many newsletters can I send at once?

The number of receivers of  the newsletter is not limited. E-mails are sent in number: 400 recipients in 2 minutes. Doesn't mean that you can send e.g. 2000 e-mails in 10 minutes. If in the same time another sender is sending his newsletter from the same server, the newsletters are in a queue. Their delivering depends on a capacity utilization of the server. We recommend sending newsletters late at night when the capacity is lower.


What is view?

In a window "Edit newsletter" is a tab View mailing list. Views represent filters of persons, companies, and orders. The newsletter can be sent to the group that compiles the criteria you specify.

The list of views find in section Settings - in the left column menu click on Views.

  • New view create by icon New view new view.
  • Fill in Name of View and choose from Persons, Companies and Orders file.
  • In a selected file, mark "Use this filter" and fill in the criteria by which you want to filter.
  • Save

Example of new view creation:

new view settings

  • If then in the "Clients" - tab "Newsletter" select the "View mailing list" for example view created by us - Companies from Prague, the newsletter will be sent to all companies that are listed at the city of Prague.
  • In section Clients, you can according to views filter persons or companies. Choosing of view is at top of tabs Companies and Persons next to the window for searching.

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