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In a case, there is a something wrong with a template, just easily delete the template and the system will generate the new one. 

The same applies in a case there was an update and new features were added.

If you want to make a change visible, delete recent template. (temple is refreshed with new items).  
This is related to users who already edited their templates. 

orders, invoicesI do not remember if I changed my recent template. How do I know it is an update version of the template? 

In Settings / Texts and Templates / Predefined templates note if there is an exclamation mark or not. 

  • Exclamation mark means you already made some changes in the template. If you want to update your template, it is necessary to delete recent template and edit new changes right there again. 
  • If the exclamation mark is missing, it means you did not change anything. In this case, an update of your template is refresh automatically.   

invoice template


The newest template items are "Product warehouse item" and "Product main unit"

new items BizWebs


If you wish to add new cells / items please contact us. Our programmer guru can for example set up a new cell for notes created by your customer in an order process. Or another option is to display order number for related invoice template etc. ...


Footer contact form

Contact details of your company or the name of those who created an invoice are necessary to add directly in invoice template. In Settings / Texts and templates / Predefined templates / Invoice template. System loads data automatically.

Company logo and signature set up in Settings / Languages - click on the right language version and open window SHOP OPTIONS. 

Your logo and signature size scale up to 200 px width (in real size). Pay attention, do not insert huge pictures there, real size is displayed in invoice PDF format. 


In supplier and purchaser contact details, there is a country option displayed.  

Following items: 

  • {$order.c_country} (dodávateľ)
  • {$order.u_country} (odberateľ)

Fill country in Settings/ Company branches. Users / clients fill the address during the registration. 

Option "order country" is not set automatically as the active item. Firstly, our programmer guru has to activate item through a database. If you are interested in this feature, please contact us.  

pay attentionWarning - please, do not change table size in pre-invoice and invoice templates. If the templates in editor look off-centered, it is not the problem, it is displayed correctly for clients. 




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