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Customer loyalty program in FLOX 3

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The best loyalty E-commerce program for your online store 

Customer loyalty matters for today´s business. It means that small business success highly depends on satisfied customers. Create fantastic customer experience and stand out from the crowd you compete with. How? Set a clear goal, which behavior would you like to reward and use the right tools.

According to HubSpot, loyalty program is a rewards program offered by a company to customers who frequently make purchases. A loyalty program may give a customer free merchandise, rewards, coupons, or even advance released products.

Let´s take a look and give your customers a reason to come back again. Set up your bonus program easily, manage all features directly from your online store.

What kind of features can your bonus program offer in FLOX 3?

  • Product with beneficial price. Customer can select from more options.
  • Gift for purchase.
  • The credit system. The customer can collect credits for purchase, for comments, for filing the form, registration etc.
  • Credit payment. It is possible to pay with credits for products or whole order.
  • Track actions. When customers get their credits for purchase, you can follow who, when and what kind of action did.

Set up your bonus system

Entire bonus management system is located in section SETTINGS/ ORDERS/ BONUSES AND REWARDS.

Set up bonus program

Create your very first bonus program.

first bonus program

Bonus program options:

  • Title. Give your program specific name.
  • Active. You can de-activate entire program with one click and activate again later. No need to delete anything. All settings are available in a case you would like to use this bonus again.
  • Active (from - to). Set your time interval for specific bonus program.
  • Show in cart. All bonuses and gifts in this program are visible in the shopping cart.
  • Text in cart . The text is visible above the bonus product in your shopping cart.

edit bonus program

 Shopping cart preview with bonus product 

shopping cart preview

Show as a web page. Your bonus program has its own URL address. It means the bonus program shows up on its own page. Contains a list of bonus products which customers can add into shopping cart based on specific conditions. It depends on your settings. You can manage page the same way as the rest of the subpages.

Set up visibility, edit URL address, add text in the text editor to show up on the page. Inform and motivate your customers how to use your benefits, what kind of reward they get, based on what behavior.

show as a web page

Option Show as a web page for bonus program is visible on the separate page menu- BONUS PROGRAMS.

bonus program page


If you would like to hide this menu. No problem. Go to section Design / Components/ unmark the button "Show menu with bonus programs".

show menu bar

Use credits. Possible to activate in a case, you would like to use bonus program as the credit system. Your customers can collect and spend credits for purchase.
It´s not possible to sum up credits from various programs together. You can set the credit´s color, shows up for users on the website. Every bonus program is possible to mark with different credit color for better evidence. 

use credit program

Allow spending in cart. Allow credit payment in the shopping cart

Credit expires. If the box is checked (green), credits are active for one year. After that time pass, credits expires.

Accept as a payment for order. If the customer has enough credits, new payment option is visible in order form as- Payment in credits.

credit paymentIf you add new bonus program, just click on the button "CONTINUE"

click on continue

New settings option were added: 

edit bonus program

Put bonus into cart automatically. The gifts are added to the shopping cart of your customer, without the choice of selection. Allow only if there are no more active options for bonuses. If the customer has rights for more than one bonus, all of them are added automatically.

Show only bonus variant with lowest additional payment. In a case of credits use, bonus program shows just the ones (products) with the lowest extra fee.

Specific conditions for bonus program usage and additional rights in tab Settings:

In bonus program Settings define specific conditions on how to get a bonus reward.

 apply for orders

Pick up a certain category or products, connected to bonus program. If your customer adds these products to shopping cart, the system offers a certain bonus.

As well as apply a bonus for specific group members, or set a specific price, date, and time created order.

Dozens of combinations offer truly unique bonus program for your customers.


Let´s see all actions in bonus program system in tab TRANSACTIONS.
Thanks to this feature you are able to track the activity of your customers.


All activities of your customers are recorded in section Clients / Persons / Edit Person;

person transaction

Registered users are able to check their recent credit status after Login. According to:

  • Menu is not active. Credits are visible in the profile of each company/ user

bonus program in the profile


  • Menu is active. Credits show up on the bonus program web page

credit info

tip don´t forget Don´t forget that "Caring is the most powerful marketing strategy there is."

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