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How to verify ownership of your website?

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Verify your domain with third-party services. Some third-party sites and tools ask you to verify your BizWebs website ownership like Pinterest, Bing and Google Webmaster Tools.

They ask you to copy a snippet of code they provide, paste it into your site, and then go back to their service to complete verification.

Verify your ownership thanks to HTML file

  • Download HTML file from third-party service website
  • Upload your file in admin section FILES

files icon

 upload file

  • Go to section SETTINGS > URL Redirects
  • Click on the button NEW REDIRECT
  • Field Redirected URL. Enter the URL address from third party service. In our case "/BingSiteAuth.xml" + slash / + FILES . Example /files/BingSiteAuth.xml
  • Field New URL: Enter the URL address from the section FILES. As we uploaded data directly into section FILES in our case is new URL  /BingSiteAuth.xml . You can create a special folder in section FILES, for example, pinterestHTML. 
  • In 2. case, you can create a special folder in section FILES, for example, pinterestHTML. Your new URL address will look like this /pinterestHTML/nameoftheurl . Don´t forget to use sign slash / first. 
  • Check the box Validation file.

add url redirect


 tip Hint. You can check your verified file by inserting URL address In our case, it´s



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