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Build customer loyalty and provide your customers with a special benefit. Use gift certificates. It´s free to use in all packages. 

How do gift certificates work on BizWebs? 

Firstly, activate your gift certificate in section SETTINGS / ORDERS / GENERAL: "Use gift certificates" 

use gift certificates

In admin section of your website create a certificate, and define all conditions for usage. 
Send your codes by email to your clients or find your own way how to make it visible. 
Your customers add this code when finishing an order process in window "Gift certificate". When all conditions are accomplished, certificate value is counted out from the final order. 

How to create a gift certificate? 

Check the section SETTINGS / ORDERS / Gift certificates

how to create gift certificate


1. Click on the button -right corner "Add certificate" add certficate

2. Set up certificate conditions. pay attentionPay attention when filling the cells. Follow the instructions from top to bottom otherwise, the mistakes can happen easily. Mainly in a case, you use your own certificate code. 

edit gift certificate

What is the meaning of each item?  

Code. In a case this cell stays empty, the system generates a code automatically. Or you can insert your own code with your own name and data. pay attentionPay attention. In a case you decided to use your own code, the option "Usage count" disappear. You can not generate more vouchers with the same data inside the code. With auto generated codes, the system assigns to each certificate unique code automatically. 

Discount. If you want a keep your gift certificate active just for exact order value, assign your pre-made discount to this certificate when setting up a new one. 

Amount. Set up the certificate value, you would like to use for a certificate.

hint Discount / Amount cell allows 2 options for how to set up a gift certificate price. 

As an amount- write a specific value of the discount you offer (example $10)

As a discount- assign your certificate with a discount for order (click on the "plus" button in row DISCOUNT / AMOUNT and choose discount). This option is more suitable if you want to set up specific conditions (for example, the certificate is valid just for orders over $50, or just for registered clients etc.).

Discount for order set up in section SETTINGS / ORDERS / Discounts for order:

Please, select "gift certificate only" in window "ACTIVE" to assign this discount only for a gift certificate. Otherwise will be available for all orders. And SAVE. Details about settings of discount for order find here

discount for orders

Currency. Choose right currency. Currency for certificate and products in shopping cart have to be the same otherwise, the certificate will be invalid. So for each language version use gift certificates with exact currency. 

Usage count. Certificate with the same code can be used more than once. 

Valid. In a case, your certificate is valid for an exact time period. Select a date from-to. Your customers can use the certificate only in this interval. In a case, you did not assign a date, the certificate is valid unlimited. 

Valid for group. Certificate is valid just for the group of users. You can choose one or more groups. 

Valid for user (email). If you fill in an email address of the user or more users, certificate is valid just for the person which is registered with this email address in your admin section. If you chose a group of users as well, please pay attention. The users should be assigned to that group too. Next, check if they are active as users, it means, they can log in to the website. User activation set up in section CLIENTS. 

It is not valid for company emails. You can apply a gift certificate for the company just through a group where the company is assigned.  

pay attentionAttention. There is one rule for emails registered for a specific user - User should be log into his account before the order is finished. Otherwise, the gift certificate is not valid.


3. SAVE certificate

New certificate shows up in the certificates´ listing.

certificate listing

Tag checkmeans that your certificate was already used and it was possible to use just once.

2 / 10 means that certificate is possible to use 10 times and twice was used. 

When you click on the icon: certificate codeyou can copy the certificate´s code

After you click on the pencil button: pencilyou can edit the certificate´s data. You can not change the certificate´s code. 

hint Notes:

Maximum number of certificates which are generated is 100. In a case you would like to generate more than 100 certificates, please enter into the cell "Used count" amount 500, 1000, 1000 or whatever you need.

Items: Valid, Valid for group, Valid for user (email) - it´s not necessary to enter. Use these items just in a case you want to set up limitations for certificates. 

If you enter your users' email addresses they should be already in the system. It means it is always a registered user who signed up with this email address. 

Inside of each order confirmation which is sent to your client´s email address is a specific value of the certificate. In admin section- ORDERS see a gift certificate code in HISTORY tab. 

hintCopy your gift certificate codes in a bulk

Press the CTRL button on your keyboard and mark all codes you want to copy. 
Select a COPY CODE and next, press the button CRTL+C. This way you can copy more codes at once. Then, open a document, where you want to paste the codes and press CTRL+V. 

copy text code

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