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Bitcoin payment for BizWebs. Join more than 100,000 merchants worldwide!

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BizWebs – online store builder with great mobile and tablet version, has a very new amazing function. The feature is called Bitcoin payment. There is still bigger and bigger interest in using Bitcoins around the world. From nowadays there is a unique option of paying BizWebs invoices in this new currency. Over 100,000 merchants worldwide are now accepting Bitcoin. Join this community and make Bitcoin transactions without divulging who you are, anonymously.

If you choose to pay for BizWebs with Bitcoin we give you 10% off!

When ordering choose BitPay (discount 10%) from Payment options.

bitpay payment option

Pay with Bitcoin also from mobile or tablet

You can use Bitcoin for paying invoices from mobile and tablet. 

At first – What is Bitcoin?

It is a virtual currency. For entire working, there is no necessary to oversight of banks or any other institution because bitcoin is decentralized. Transaction confirmation validates collectively members of the Bitcoin network. You can pay anywhere, anytime to whoever if you have the internet connection. It is done without waiting and it is incomparable cheaper in comparison to other types of payments. You will pay nothing or thousandth of one Bitcoin.

So what you need to do to make a Bitcoin payment?

There is no need to register yourself to the system. You just have to install a software which allows you to manage your virtual wallet. Also, you get a couple of public and private keys – no personal data. The first one is your Bitcoin address. This address can look like this: HjP51sDB1V5fhjkf96Bs4h5t2Nm4d3g5 (34 signs code) and serves to the others (your customers) to send you money. The second one, the private, serves to you and your payments to others (to your supplier).

How Bitcoin payment basically works?

Bitcoins are earned, not printed. At the moment (April 2016) there are more than 15,4 million of BTC in the world circulation (actual number of BTC). You can earn them by using an exchange or by mining. Transactions are in the blocks which are cryptographically marked like that is difficult to produce them. Minors – people who create blocks get a 25 BTC reward for creating these blocks. They get Bitcoins for the cost of mining what is their computer equipment and electricity. It means that minors will be very happy to pay you in Bitcoins because they earned them cheaply.

BizWebs is a company with more than ten-year-old tradition in the website and online store building. Our mission is to provide you everything you need to create high-quality websites and e-shops, which will earn. Pick your plan -  upgrade, downgrade, or cancel anytime. Check out 4 packages based on your needs: Free > Start > Pro > Premium.


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