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Frequently asked questions for February

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Hot news from BizWebs! New email marketing tool that your customers love- MailChimp. Find a quick manual how to connect your store with MailChimp. Some of you are about to launch your first e-commerce website- make sure everything is set up correctly. Start with free coaching- use Help Call support or video tutorials for free. What questions did you guys ask the most in February? Read more ...

MailChimp for my website

mailchimp integration with BizWebs

Q: Hello, thank you for a new feature - mailchimp integration. I would like to use it but can´t find it anywhere in my admin page. Could you please verify if the mailchimp is active for me?

A: Hello, thanks for your warning. Yes, it is active now. MailChimp is active just for Business and Premium users- see your admin section SETTINGS / Marketing and PPC. Details about settings find here

Your BizWebs team


Question about translation

 Q: Hello, I need your help. I guess there is something wrong. I´m trying to translate my main language version into german language. When I click on the product in .de version some of them are ok, but some products have the italic font in a text content. Can you tell me what is wrong? See attachment

A: Hello, yes, there is a problem with the .xls file and description - that your row/line has no ending for command written in bold. As it is exported in HTML coding - so attribute /strong has to be without space, in your imported document, there is a space “/ strong” what is not right. Please, correct the space. You can use even excel function, search for “/ strong” and replace that with “/strong”. Hope it helps.

Your BizWebs team


Change status in a bulk

items in the stock

Q: Hello, BizWebs, why I can not use feature "change products statuses in a bulk" anymore 

A: Hello, yes, it is not possible in your case as you checked the box with: “Activate the option to set the number of items in stock”. Warehouses statuses are connected to the number of items in the stock. So you can not change their status in a bulk. If you would like to change settings, please visit section SETTINGS / Warehouses / General and uncheck the button.

Your BizWebs team


Website login

Q: Hello, I would like to log into my website, I entered the domain name but can´t go further. I have no idea how to get there to edit it.

A: Hello, you can log into your website via link Always use slash /admin after your domain and you can login without problems:). Do you know login details or do you need a new one?

Your BizWebs team.


Tailored feature- product list grid with 2 columns

2 column list grid

Q: Hey guys, how can I set up in my Flox 3 administration - that 2 products are shown next to each other? Not 3 like I use now. Is it possible to set up products visibility this way just for the special category?

Yes, it is possible. Our coder guy can set this up for you. If you agree with change, with one exception - product list grid (2 column product template) is visible in all categories. We can not set up 2 column list grid for a specific category.

In a case you have more questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Your BizWebs team.



Troubles with importing data using .xls

Q: Good Morning,  Guys, I can not use product import feature, seems like it doesn´t work. I followed the instructions. Firstly, I exported products into .xls file, deleted all unnecessary fields except one ( i tried to add new products too). I imported the .xls file back into the store. No error notification, but no change in product list too. My test .xls file is in my FILE section (admin interface)

A: Hello Mr. Joe, it is necessary to create each import separately, not all in one document. So data with products separately, based on the rules applied to each import, prices separately, again with the rules specific for “price” import and so on...Please follow instructions or let´s see a tutorial for import / export. Hope it helps:)

Your BizWebs team.


Full mode -launching my first website

company branches BizWebs

Q: Hey, BizWebs team, I think my store is ready to go online. Could you please check if all necessary fields and data are in?

A: Hello Mrs. Jane, all looks great. Did you test your order process? Please fill in your company data, as they are part of your invoices. For more details, check WIZARD in your administration. Short instructions with basic hints, what you need to prepare before you launch your new online store. BizWebs wizard will guide you through basic steps in an administration of your online store. So you don´t get lost. Or as you know, you can try Help Call support, with BizWebs team. :)

Your coach will help you:

  • Set up the basics in admin section
  • Guide you through most important part necessary to fill in
  • Shows you how to work with each section- create website content, adding products, set up emails, etc...
  • Help you to understand how does block section works (photo gallery, text editor, directory, social media buttons, polls, blogs...)
  • Get familiar with SEO tools- basics on how to optimize your website for search engines.

Your BizWebs team. 

Launching first e-commerce website is always excited moment for every entrepreneur. Hard work with many steps and decisions. We know how it feels to run a small business today. That´s why we´ve got you covered. Get started with free coaching- Help Call support. Or follow video tutorials or guides for free. Don´t forget that you can always talk to us. People in BizWebs are just like you. We are humans and we love what you do! 

Good luck out there and see you on March 26th again! 

Your BizWebs team


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