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The Recipe for Success: Habits of Wealthy People

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In 99% of cases, your achievements depend on the efforts made. Successful people have long developed habits that help them to be as much productive as possible. Recently, I’ve asked DesignContest professionals about things help them to achieve maximum success and be on the crest of a way for a long time. Please enjoy reading.

Where success comes from

#1 Stick to the Time Management Plan

Do things you've planned step by step, strictly following the deadline. Successful people know that there is no time to delay issues that must be solved here and now – they comply with the schedule of the day and control the time.

Do, at least, one step forward to success every day. Even if you feel lazy, get your a** up and do something. Always improve your professional knowledge. Skills are in trend at all times. The continuous improvement of yourself should become a commonplace you stick to.

Successful people evaluate their personal effectiveness by how much they earn per hour. They appreciate the time and, therefore, try to do as much as possible per hour. An hour of a successful professional is very expensive – I bet you know that.

Lifetime is a limited resource, so act here and now!

#2 Prioritize but Learn to Switch

It may seem strange, but multitasking has a lot of drawbacks and may adversely affect the result. Better solve problems qualitatively in the planned order than do a lot of things at once. In fact, you can't increase productivity by doing three, four, and more things at the same time. Successful people always prioritize and filter secondary/ unnecessary/useless actions.

However, the situation may require switching from one routine to another. Successful people can easily switch from one sphere of activity to another without losing any time to adapt. According to research, this ability is an excellent antidepressant.


#3 Bring Every Case to the Desired Result

Act until the result is achieved (course, within reasonable limits)! Unfinished business breaks down your self-esteem and increases laziness.

#4 Stay Focused

Try to focus on the most difficult and deepest problems since they affect the general success. Try to concentrate all your energy on things really matters. Don't procrastinate. Checking e-mail, appointments, transfer of information, etc. – all these are a secondary routine that doesn't require much attention.

#5 Stay Positive

Think positively and see solutions rather than problems, opportunities rather than failures. Successful people are looking for the positive in everything. Think like a millionaire means focusing thoughts on finding a solution. Focusing on the failures takes your vital energy and reduces the self-esteem.
Nobody is immune to failures, but such thoughts are the first sign of a fail. Leave bad thoughts to the poor.

#6 Be Responsible

Successful people consider themselves responsible for the way they spent time. You must take responsibilities – that's the only way to improve yourself and learn to act under the burden of responsibility. For example, you may record your affairs in a diary. This is handy because anytime you can go back to a few days ago plan and see whether you did everything that was planned.
Try to execute the most important actions at the right time. It is believed that the highest productivity is in the morning. However, every person is individual, so find out when your productivity at peak and take the advantage.

Take responsibility

#7 Be Grateful

Being successful means being connected to others. No matter how mentally song you are, the self-esteem and self-respect depend on the opinions of others. People are mirrors: their relationship to you depends on your attitude to them. Feel free to say "thank you" and express gratitude, not requiring anything in return.

#8 Sleep as Much as You Need

To work effectively, you must be fully restored for a new day. Although this is not always possible in the modern chaotic life, try to devote sufficient time to rest. The body and the brain need recharging and resumption of power.

#9 Do not Take Yourself and Things too Seriously

Life of a perfectionist can be depressing. Successful people are the same as we are, but they focus on what they do best rather than getting stuck on mistakes. In the end, life is a game.

#10 Apply Immediately What You've Just Learnt

How many books and videos have you read? And how many of them have you applied to practice? Know and do! A man that read and applied one single book will achieve more than one that read a hundred of books and haven't used any of them.

Yes you can

#11 Do What You Want, not What Others Want From You

Realizing someone else's goals will make someone else successful and happy, won't it? Live your life and do what you want. Of course, at first, you have to define the area in which you will succeed.


Brian Jens has long been a freelance designer who combined his prior passion with blogging. Not too long ago, Brian joined DesignContest – a leading crowdsourcing platform for designers. But that fact did not prevent him from keep writing. Feel free to send your ideas to the blogger and get in-depth research very soon.

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