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In BizWebs you can add users and categorise them. You can assign them administrator rights or rights to browse the website sections which are protected by password.

User registration

The visitor registration feature on your website or e-shop is very useful. Having logged in, the user can edit their personal data, change the user name and password, view their shopping history and the progress of order processing. Furthermore, registered visitors can access pages protected by password or a more advantageous product pricelist. Regarding registration, there are several options for setting the registration form, notifications, registration approval or deactivation.

New companies and new individuals

It is easy to add new individuals and new companies or edit present users. The detailed information about the individuals or companies will include their contact info, addresses and orders. You can group or categorise users and create a new access password. Companies can be matched with individuals and vice versa.

User groups and their rights

Each user can be included in one or more groups to be assigned e.g. administrator rights or rights to view specific sections of your website. For example, the ADMINISTRATORS group has full access to the website administration. The REGISTERED group has limited rights. These users can browse the website, edit their profiles, access pages protected with password, access administration of their data, and can view their orders.

Newly registered users or customers who have just submitted an order can be selected and sorted into the groups automatically.

Individual import

Individual import offers an option to add or edit the following data: add new clients, users, edit data in multiple individuals at once, activate/deactivate users, assign individuals to a group or move them to another group, as well as activate/deactivate individual newsletter subscriptions. Data is imported by means of an XLS file.

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