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Online order management system

When a customer in your e-shop completes and submits an order form, the new order will appear in the list of orders to be processed. When a customer in your online store completes and submits an order form, the new order will appear in the list of orders to be processed. Mail order manager sends e-mail to customer to notify him that the order was successfully submitted, including the order specifications.

Order editing

Your online ordering system can be administrated in a very complex manner. You will know which goods were ordered, the order value, delivery method and payment method, the way to process the order, as well as the time of delivery.

If needed you can adjust billing and delivery information about the customer, ordered goods, a number of items, and you can add or remove products, etc. You can view the history with all of its changes from the moment the order had been submitted.

Order status

Depending on the particular phase of the order process, the system will assign statuses such as: processed, waiting for payment, dispatched, cancelled, completed.

The statuses are available in the system. You can modify them, add or remove them as you need. You can notify the customer of the status change by e-mail.

Simple invoice software

One mouse-click and you can change the order into the invoice which will be e-mailed to the customer. You can also use proforma invoices. The proforma invoice is used in the case that you are not sure that the customer will pay for the goods they have bought. So you first issue the proforma invoice. As soon as you receive the payment, you will issue the final invoice and send the goods.

Our pre-defined order form, proforma invoice form, invoice form and the content of the e-mail including the order or invoice can be edited.

Order widget on the main page

When you log-in to your online store, you land on the main page. You can change its content by adding a variety of website widgets, such as the ORDERS widget. Due to this widget, as soon as you have logged into the website administration, you will see the latest orders created in your online store.

Order Form

From the Shopping Cart section, the customer proceeds to the order feature or rather the Order Form. The Order Form includes all boxes needed for the order processing: a summary of ordered items, delivery and payment method, customer contact info – e-mail and billing and delivery addresses; you can paste a gift voucher code and there is a box for customer comments. Payment and delivery modes can be adjusted/deactivated. Furthermore, you can set a mandatory customer agreement with the general terms and conditions.

Order export

Orders can be exported very easily in the XLS/XML format. The exported document will include all data about the order: the billing address, customer contact info, proforma invoice or invoice number, ordered items and quantities, prices, statuses, etc.

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