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User registration

Visitors may register to access your website, which is advantageous both for them and for you. You can create a client database and sort the clients into groups. Visitors may have access to, e.g., content protected by a password or to their account on your website.


How do you add a signup form to your website? - User registration options

Sign up page or user registration is not mandatory and can be disabled it if you don't want to use it.

There are two types of website registration forms, the basic (includes basic contact data such as the first name, last name, e-mail, password) and detailed (address and telephone number).

As an option, there is a registration confirmation feature. This way, the e-mail address of the user is verified.

You can sort registered users into groups (for example, the registered, clients, administrators, VIP customers, wholesalers) and assign them different access rights e.g. access to pages protected with a password.

My account

Every registered visitor has access to their account. Having logged in the user can edit their personal data, change the user name and password, view their shopping history and the progress in the order processing. In addition, they have access to protected pages.

User administration

The user administration feature lets you keep control of the users. It includes, e.g., the search for users, assigning users to groups, editing and changing contact data, assigning users for newsletter subscription, activation and deactivation of a user without deleting their profile, etc.

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