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Search engine optimisation helps new visitors find your website. BizWebs supports important rules for search engine optimisation. Due to the optimisation, the search engine will literally "swallow" the content of your website and your website can appear at leading positions in the search engine results.

We will launch you to top positions in Google search engines!

The BizWebs system includes a number of functions to improve the search engine position, simple URL addresses, H-tags, etc. You can have meta title tags, descriptions and keywords for all pages, categories, news (blogs), products and FAQ.

On your website you can activate the breadcrumb navigation. In case of images, you define the title or the alternative text; you will be able to define descriptions for hyperlinks.

Read our SEO recommendations and our blog

We have prepared a detailed list of the most frequently asked questions in the field of SEO and marketing. You will know how to start with the Organic search results, what you should particularly do in the administration section to improve your Google position, and much more SEO tips.

We provide consultancy regarding online advertisement and search engine optimization tips. What are the recommended types of advertisement? How is advertisement efficiency evaluated? How to start an online business? We update our recommendations continuously. Visit our FAQ section.

Furthermore, we provide more detailed recommendations in the field of online business, SEO and online advertisement on our blog.

Support to Google Webmaster Tools

BizWebs provides an easy website authorisation option in the Google Webmaster Tools (GWT). With GWT you will be able to use the automatically created sitemap file, which is being updated and filled with links to images. Your website includes a robots.txt file whose part is a link to the sitemap.

SEO emergency

The services include our professional SEO consulting (search engine optimisation). It is important for us that your website will earn money for you so we developed this unique service. For more information click here.

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