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Mobile version of website - online shopping from tablet and mobile phone

Some 8-12% of visitors browse websites from mobiles or tablets. Mobile versions make browsing your website easier, which may increase the number of customers. Create a mobile version of your website with BizWebs.

Your visitors will enjoy the view of your website in their mobile or tablet.

When browsing your website from a mobile or tablet, our mobile responsive version will be loaded automatically. It is adjusted to mobiles and tablets.

Life without the mobile version…

Your visitors will not be annoyed by buttons that are too small or menu items that are impossible to click when filling in the Order Form. They will not suffer from eye-ache due to tiny text or view of the products, images or miniature windows. The best thing is that your visitors do not have to wait too long to load your website! It is extremely difficult to shop by mobile or tablet on an unoptimised website.

We have overcome all those issues with the new mobile version website.

What advantages can you have with the mobile version?

  • The text size is big enough so you can read the text without difficulties.
  • You can load menus immediately and the items are well-organised and easy to view.
  • Shopping in the e-shop via mobile or tablet is easy and comfortable.
  • Views of the products are large and the product detail is very clear.
  • Button sizes are reasonable and it is easy to spot e.g. SHOPPING CART, LOG-IN, REGISTRATION, FORGOTTEN PASSWORD, ADD A COMMENT.
  • It is easy to switch between the mobile version of my website and the standard version.
  • Create mobile version of website is very easy.

What does "responsive" mean?

The responsive design changes according to the display size. For example, the photogallery will be shown in 2 columns on the mobile but in 3 columns on the (wider) tablet.

The website design and layout changes if you turn your mobile or tablet.

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