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Cloud computing - the best solution for your Web hosting

Websites and e-shops on BizWebs are located on a unique cloud infrastructure. Cloud infrastructure can cope with the onslaught of one and long-term load (ie. in pre-Christmas time).

What are the benefits of the Cloud technology?

  • Faster speed of your website through advanced methods of caching content.
  • High reliability of operation. Servers on the cloud does not suffer from the unavailability of normal "individual" servers.
  • Powerful servers. Websites and online stores are hosted on powerful servers with fast SSDs.
  • Secure server monitoring 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Why cloud does not crash?

In the case of high workload your website does not crash, but the cloud automatically adds additional power. You do not have to wait for a worker to manually install a new server or to add memory or anything to be done manually. Power is added dynamically. With this and other properties continuous operation should be ensured.

Of course, even the cloud may have an outage, however, compared to a normal hosting, preventing outages is at a much higher level.

What is the Cloud computing?

Definition of cloud computing can be easy telling means "Cloud of servers". It is a cloud computing resources which are vizualized in several data centers. User gets to the provided service through a web browser.

Physical infrastructure of the cloud is invisible for the user. In the cloud technology therefore is not true that there is one physical server where is running one operating system. Thanks to the cloud storage is possible on a single server activate multiple operating systems, what is increasing hardware utilization. Furthermore it brings mobility of the availability of your data on mobile phones and tablets.

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