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Favicon, digital watermarking

Favicon is a little icon which is displayed in the browser before the URL address or in the tab before the TITLE. By uploading a .ico file, you will add the favicon to your website.

Furthermore, you can upload your own digital watermark. You can adjust its size and location within the image in the administration section.

Multi language website

Your website may be operated in multiple language versions. To select the right version, the visitor needs to click the required icon (flag). You can administer the whole content of language versions directly in your administration section.

Different currencies are available for language versions. The products and the pages can be duplicated, all you need is translation.


You can also translate product variants, payment and delivery methods in the Order Form, as well as the buttons (for example, "add to shopping cart", "registration", "log-in", "submit"). The system offers 10 languages (English, German, Spanish, Danish, Polish, Finish, Swedish, Hungarian, Slovak, Czech) and other languages are in progress.

You can see the structure of the pages and product categories in all versions in the administration section.

Product settings

In this section, you can adjust basic settings related to products such as search, comments, the initial view of the product catalogue, product grouping, etc. You can set additional boxes, product variants, discounts, manufacturers and other indicators which will be assigned to the products.

Furthermore, you can define the currency which will be used, as well as price rounding.


As for settings available for orders, you can activate/deactivate some of the boxes in the Order Form, edit and add order statuses, as well as payment and delivery models. Payments and deliveries can be adjusted so that they are only available for orders of a defined number of items or orders worth a defined value. For example, you can set a more favourable postage price for orders exceeding $50.


This section includes administration of discounts per order and gift vouchers. When a gift voucher is created, the system generates a unique code, which you will send to the client. The client will enter the code in the Order Form in order to draw the discount.



The service support e-mailing. Depending on the type of package, you can create a specific number of e-mail accounts for your own domain. Domain e-mail address will be, e.g., BizWebs recommends using Gmail as an e-mail provider as it supports sending emails from your custom domain.

Automatic Google Analytics connection

The connection between (BizWebs content management system) and Google Analytics is automatic.
You do not have to paste the Google Analytics code into your website, it will be provided automatically.

Furthermore, supports Google Analytics E-Commerce Reports.

Data import and export

You can import products, their prices, categories and products in categories, price variants and manufacturers. If you update your data in the .xls file and import it, your online store will be updated.

To make more changes in user data or add new users, you can import them.


Exports may be used to backup your files. Before a new import of products, it is recommended to export its contents to create a backup.

You can set automatic exports of XML feeds with your products to most frequently used comparison shopping engines. The feeds are normally updated every day but there is an option to update them more frequently.

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