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A perfect online store...

Have you decided to build your own online store with You can utilise all of the website features and create a professional online store which will make money for you!

The powerful e-commerce builder includes:

  • Sophisticated discount systems,
  • Product variants for extra charge,
  • Additional information and search parameters,
  • Comments on products,
  • Related (recommended) products,
  • Photogallery and product videos,
  • Multiple language versions and currencies,
  • Billing system,
  • E-mail notifications,
  • Import and export from/to Excel and XML,
  • Warehouse, Social media tools for sharing

and a huge number of other functionalities..


Variants of product

Do you want to sell online, for example, clothing and each size has to have different prices? This problem is solved with pricing options. Product is in the system only once and the client after clicking on its detail choose a necessary option. According that the final price is changing.

Is not true that each variant must have a different price. Variants may serve also for closer specification of the goods which a customer wants to order. For example, buying a shirt in your chosen color variants, the price does not change.

The system contains two kinds of variants - "price" when you assign a completely new, final price to the variant. The second "non-price", respectively " additional charged". In this case, you are not changing the price. Or specify additional charge which is added to the base price.



Indicators - product labels

To each product can be assigned one or more tags, so called indicators. E.g. news, promotion, sale. Indicators are visible in the annotation of product catalogue and of course in the product detail. Create and edit them in settings in your administration.

Tag´s appearance may take the form of stylised text, which means text highlighted by background color or image that makes you put to indicator own design.

Adding Product Images and Galleries

You can display image gallery on the product detail´s page. Except for the main product picture, add eye-catching pictures for other product´s use. From each side, product details textile structure, different color variants and so on. These pictures appear in your e- commerce in the detail of product under a long description in the GALLERY tab.

Additional product informations

These are the various parameters of the product, serving for closer and transparent specifications.

For example, additional information of notebook will contain information such as memory, diagonal screen, resolution, drive, operating system, weight and USB etc.

It shows in the product detail tab ADDITIONAL INFORMATION. Set them in the administration of your website through features additional fields.  


If you allow a comment of products in the administration of page your customers will be able to add comments which appear in product detail in the DISCUSSION tab.

Comments are good feedback for you and for other customers which may significantly affect their buying decision. The discussion also provides space for questions about the product directed at you.



Short and long description

To each product can be entered a short and long description.

Short description serves suitable characterization of the product by a few words.

In the long description, you can describe the product detailly. Contains text editor features that make it not only change the font size but also add images, hyperlinks or videos.

Alternative products

You can offer to customer alternative products. Might be products which are related to currently displayed products (for example: to propose suitable notebook bag, mouse, speakers, software) or any other product that has similar specifications, or other products from the same manufacturer. The choice is up to you!

Alternative products are displayed at the bottom of product detail.



Online shopping cart

Goods which the customer of your online store picked is stored in the e-commerce shopping cart. The client can continue shopping and returned to the cart when is ready to pay for the order. Or from the cart going directly to the order and finishes process.

Directly in the shopping cart customer can change quantity of goods ordered, or remove that one which decided not to buy. Online shopping cart details- find the image here, name and variations of selected commodities, its price and ultimately the final price, which is the sum of all items in your shopping cart.

The shopping cart may take the form of a sliding window that pops up at the top of the monitor or as a separate web page appears in the content of your website. Set up shopping cart layout in the website administration page- section Design / Components of your online store.

Price range slider - product filtering

We added to BizWebs e-commerce builder another useful website feature for even better shopping experience of customers in your online store. This is a price range slider. Visitor of your store can by moving through price range slider easily set range "from - within" and thus filters out only those products belonging to this price range. The customer can filter the products according to various parameters (eg. manufacturer, size, color).

Optional is also the line-up of products - according to price, name and newly added products.

Order management

By clicking ORDER in the shopping cart the customer enters the order form. The order form contains a summary of order. Selected fields that need to be filled in. The method of delivery and payment, address for service, e-mail, a gift certificate and a client note. All fields of your order form can be set up in the website administration page, section Settings / Addresses.

If the customer is registered and before purchase log into your account, contact information will be a default, he does not have to re-fill them. There is an option to add more addresses for delivery (eg, home address, work address) and then just pick the right one.

After clicking on the ORDER comes to customer order confirmation e-mail and you will be added in the administration of the new order.

Gradual loading of products

Automatic loading of products works like that you know from Facebook. When a visitor of your online store gets to the end of the product page, it automatically loads the next product list. There is no need to click on another sub page.

It is a unique technology. BizWebs website builder offers this special feature to all of their customers.

Powerful social share buttons

Add social share buttons to your website. The detailed product view offers the SHARE button so visitors of your website can communicate on Facebook that they like your product. Thus all their Facebook friends will get to know about your website, which means free promotion and an opportunity to attract new visitors via the biggest social network.

Alongside the product, you will see other buttons to share the page through the best-known social networks such as Twitter, Google Plus, and Pinterest. The last button, the SHARE, comprises hundreds of other social networks.

Online payment systems and buying on instalments

Your customers can pay directly through online payment systems. You can use the following payment systems in your online store: Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, GoPay, PayPal, TrustPay, TatraPay, KB Mojeplatba, VÚB platby, UniPlatba. Customers are redirected from the online store to the payment portals in the banks which administer their bank accounts. They enter their username and password and the position from the Grid card.

Our offer includes implementation of instalment systems such as HomeCredit, Cetelem or Quatro.

On request, we can program any other payment system for an extra charge.

XML export to comparison shopping engines

XML export to comparison shopping engines

If you register your online store in the comparison shopping engine your number of visitors and sales will grow. In addition, you will improve the position of your website in search engines such as Google. Comparison shopping engines provide an opportunity to develop quality backlinks to products and the website alone.

BizWebs website builder supports Google Shopping and other comparison shopping engines. Products are regularly exported through an XML feed from your online store to comparison shopping engines.

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