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Build your online store from the scratch. The variety of functionalities in the product section of the website administration provides the opportunity to create a nice and quality online store. The simplicity and well-organised layout, easy search and intuitive order process will be appreciated by your customers.

Product categories

In the left part of the administration page, you can see a hierarchic list of product categories. Multiple-language versions feature categories and products in selected languages.

If you click a category on the right, products included in this category will be displayed. You can move the categories within the hierarchy by a mouse-click. Category descriptions may include pictures, videos or hypertext links. To achieve a better position for search engines, you can add SEO labels.

New products

To create a product in your online store, click the NEW PRODUCT button. The product will be added to the category which is currently used, as well as in all superior categories. It is easy to copy or remove a product within the product category hierarchy.

Just fill in the product name and add the long and the short description. You can add the EAN code, the manufacturer and how long the product will be on display. In the administration section, you can hide a product instead of removing it. You can also hide a category. An attractive picture of the item is very important for visitors. In addition to the main picture, you can add a gallery comprising more pictures to show the details of the product on a public website.

As an option, you can edit or add new products, change prices, etc. by importing XLS files.

Prices and product variants

Besides the basic price and the price incl. VAT, the system offers an option to set prices per product variant. The price of the variant may be a new price or an extra charge which is added to the basic price of the product.

What is a product variant? 

The same product may be sold for different prices. For example, the price of perfume depends on the volume in the bottle (20 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml), the price of a T-shirt may depend on its size (S, M, L, XL), etc. The 50 ml perfume is a variant of the 20 ml perfume. Different prices may be set for a group of VIP clients or registered users. Having logged-in, they will see special prices created just for them.

Discounts, discount per order

The BizWebs system includes a sophisticated discount system. You can assign a discount price to a particular product, category or product variant. Or you can create a discount per order, or offer the visitors a gift voucher. To combine discounts related to a category, product and product variant, you can set 2 types of discounts. The discounts may accumulate (cumulative discount), or the highest assigned discount will apply (limit discount).


The discount can be applied to user groups, currency, the number of pieces from – to, prices from – to, payment method or type of transport. You can set the date from – to in order to define the period of validity.

You do not have to delete a discount at the end of its validity. Instead, you just deactivate it so that it can be used in the future.

Alternative products

You can use this website feature if you want to offer your visitors not only the present product but complementary goods as well.

For example, accessories. For a computer, you can recommend a mouse, a keyboard or a printer; for a printer, you can suggest toners or substitute goods. Instead of the selected product, you can offer another product with similar properties. Or you can offer a detailed picture of other goods made by the same manufacturer.


The BizWebs system includes a warehouse functionality so you can control your warehousing easily and effectively.

You can use the Warehouse in two ways. The first option is the warehouse statuses, which need to be set manually for every product. Alternatively, you can set initial statuses to be matched with products which are not assigned any status manually. 

In this case, you can also use the number of items in the stock. Thus the products are assigned numbers of items to be deduced by the orders completed.

There are other functions within the Warehouse, such as blocked quantity, initial stock status and status after the sale, automatic selection of the status by the number of items in stock, etc.

Comments on products

Feedback from real people who had already bought and tried the product may greatly influence the shopping behaviour of potential consumers. Provide your customers with an opportunity to comment on the goods they have bought and activated a discussion about products.

The feedback from your visitors is very important because you will know how they react to your products. A new comment will be sent to you by e-mail. If you activate the comment approval feature, you first approve a comment before it is posted on the site. Undesirable comments can be removed.

Product import

If your products are in an XLS file (Microsoft Excel), you can import them onto the website very easily. In a similar way, you can update the data in pricelists. All you need to do is to update the data in the XLS file and import the new price list – your online store will be updated within a few minutes. The import feature enables you to also quickly move products between categories. So our website builder saves your precious time easily.

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