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Social Networks - Share Buttons on your website

Like it, Tweet it, Pin it! :-) With it is easy to promote your website, articles or products through social networks. Social network integration is very important in terms of making your website visible, creating backlinks, communicating with and attracting new visitors and potential clients to your website or online store.

Support for social networks

In the detailed view of the products and articles (news) you will see the I like it, Tweet, PinIt, G+ buttons, as well as the SHARE button which includes hundreds of other social media websites. By clicking these buttons, visitors post the link to your website or product in their profile. This way, all their network friends get to know about your website or ecommerce, which is promotion for free.

Facebook and Twitter box

You can connect social media sites with your website or e-shop so it's very good for marketing.

For example you can connect your company Facebook profile with your website through the Facebook Like Box. You can find it in the administration section of your website. All you need to do is to paste the Facebook widget into the select part of the website.

In the same way, you can use the Twitter box widget to connect your Twitter account with your website. Visitors will view your tweets directly on your website.



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