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Customizable dashboard page - Quick website statistics in one place

The main dashboard page can be tailored to your needs. You can select that you want to view reports on turnover, visitor rate, best-selling products or most active customers. You will select the so-called widgets.

Ordering additional services

Are you interested in any of our complementary services? For example, you can select another package, buy your own domain without the ending, advertisement services, payment system application, etc. No need to call or apply for anything. You can order directly from your administration section: just click on ORDER to be redirected to the Order Form where you will select the service you need and submit the order.

Widget Google Analytics – VISITS

Your main administration page may include the Google Analytics – VISITS widget. If you connect your website to Google Analytics you can view the visitor rate statistics for your site.

Google Analytics – REVENUE

BizWebs will show your e-shop turnover immediately after you have logged into the administration section. All you need to do is to activate the Google Analytics – REVENUE widget, and connect your site with Google Analytics.

Best-selling products

This widget provides an immediate overview of the best-selling products. The 10 most frequently sold products and the numbers of sold items are shown in a graph.

Best customers

Would you like to provide your most active customers with a special discount? Through the BEST CUSTOMERS widget your main administration page will show a graph with the 10 best customers and the total sum spent in your e-shop.

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