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Simple wysiwyg web builder!

Using our system you will be able to create a professional website in 5 minutes. You do not have to be a programmer. You can fill up the content of your website through our BizWebs content management system's abundant functionalities.

What type of content can you add to your website?

You probably know what features work well with you when you browse websites. To keep visitors browsing your website you need a nice design, a well-structured menu, logical layout and attractive texts, etc.

In your website you will be able to add texts, edit their size or colour, adjust alignment or bullets, add tables, hypertext links, downloads, images and videos.


There are other interesting features such as photogalleries, polls, forms, FAQ (frequently asked questions), news, articles, a guest book or sitemap, as well as visitor registration, search and newsletter subscription. Visitors will like your website.


A new feature in CMS BizWebs is a block Directory by which you can quickly create a redirect to any sub-pages of your website.Utilization of directory will bring several advantages: Thicken web by keywords. Clarify the structure of the website.

Fill the place of parent pages. You can grab attention to the selected sub-pages and quickly redirect visitors wherever you want.

Directory offers three different views. The headline with one main image and text links, another is directory in the form of image links, where each link has its own image and the last type are the boxes. Here. except an image you can also add to every link a description of the page on which it is directed.

Copy the content of the page

If you want to view more times the same content on the website, the solution offers the block CONTENT FROM. In this block you just click the content that you have made on different subpages in other blocks such as: text editor, gallery, poll, form. You don´t have to create these blocks again but simply copy them.

View products in the content part of websites.

The system BizWebs content pages are located in separate menu of product categories, if there is e-commerce on the page, too.

Therefore, if you need insert products into content pages, a good solution is tu use blocks PRODUCT or CATEGORY CONTENT.

Thanks to them you can show the selected products in any column from different categories (block PRODUCT FROM) or all products from chosen categorie (block CATEGORY CONTENT). These blocks you can use to show discounted items, news, products in sale, attract the products in the side column of a website and the like.

All you need…

We offer a free 15-day trial operation. During this period you can test the BizWebs cms website builder before you decide whether you will order it. Please contact our customer support by telephone for any enquiries.

You will be able to adjust the design yourself because the system offers hundreds of excellent design options for free.

You can use your own domain (for example, Your domain will be redirected to the website which is created under the

We can tailor the design to your needs or develop special functions for you. The size of your website is not limited so you can create an unlimited number of pages.

Free SEO consulting

The price for services includes specialist SEO consulting. SEO (search engine optimisation) is no big issue. It is based on clear and simple procedures and all you need to do is to follow them. We do not profit from your lack of knowledge – we will offer you a complex set of SEO recommendations as part of the service. We will provide you with important information to move your website to the top positions in search engines.

Free 15-day trial

Design selection:

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You can change address to one without later, either by buying a new domain or reddirecting an existing one.
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Please select one of premade templates.
You can change design of your new website anytime you want in website administration, where you can find a wealth of template customization.
We can also create a unique design tailored to your wishes.


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