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Start your mobile business with! Build and edit your website or online store directly from your mobile application in mobile phone or tablet! Free mobile apps for all customers. Easily handle view of orders, invoices, online store and website administration

Running an online store?

You have just sat down for dinner in a restaurant. However you can still activate the mobile website app and view the list of new orders, change the order status, confirm the order and, if needed, type a note for the client in the Note section.

Would you like to modify the prices? No problem. You can change the price of the product through our mobile e-commerce software. Missing items in the warehouse? You can deactivate the product and activate it later. Did you get a call from your client who is urging you to send an invoice? You can send it through our mobile website app.

Running a website or personal blog?

Are you sitting in the bus and worried that the text or numbers on your website are wrong? No problem. Open our BizWebs mobile application on your smartphone and correct the number. It is quick and it is so easy!

Are your travelling by train and need to change an article on your blog? Use our mobile e-commerce software to write an article and edit it with our text editor.

The TOP features of the BizWebs mobile application

  • The content of the website or online store is easy to update.
  • The texts, news, and products are easy to edit.
  • Texts can be adjusted by means of the visual WYSIWYG editor.
  • You can create a new blog article and administer your blog from your mobile apps.
  • Basic SEO functions – editing meta tags in articles and products.
  • Statistics of new orders, sold products, new customers.
  • Overview of orders, order status changes, history of changes in orders.
  • New orders from the online store directly to your mobile phone.
  • Overview of invoices, invoice status changes, creating and removing invoices, sending invoices by e-mail.
  • Filtering invoices and orders by their status and date of creation.
  • Cloud hosting – the cloud storage automatically adds performance according to the actual website load.

Not just for online store owners

In today's dynamic times, everything is changing at lightning speed. Who wants to keep pace with that can't to fall asleep. Neither we rested and have developed a mobile application that helps you to keep on top of your business.
If you have a smartphone with Android operating system and run an online store in our BizWebs editorial system, please feel free to install our mobile application BizWebs through Google Play store or App store for free.

Not only online store owners can enjoy the mobile application but also website and bloggers with a personal blog. If you have an interesting idea for a new and amazing article or text, you can insert and publish it on the web immediately. With Bizwebs mobile application it is possible!

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